Bring new & colorful ways to power your every moment.

Portable Power

No matter where you go in life, our line of portable battery chargers combine the best in size, performance and mobility.

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Sound On The Go

Keep the party going and play your music even louder with our interactive touch and play portable wireless bluetooth speakers.

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Foldable Accessories

Our smartphone and tablet accessories help deliver productivity on the go and provide a faster and easier way to keep you mobile.

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"The Neptor dual battery charger for iPhone and iPad is cute, colorful, and powerful enough to charge up to two of your devices while you're on the go."


"Neptor’s colorful NPSP01 is cuter than your Bluetooth speaker."

− Digital Trends

"This small pack packs a punch for its size with a whopping 5600 mAh and a flashlight
to boot."

− Masbuttons

"This got me thinking, not only is this a great product to have for use with technology
devices, it has its purposes in nature as well."

− Icrontic


By adding to your commute, our compact and travel friendly products help you stay connected anywhere and everywhere without taking up space.


Our exuberant choice of colors bring a new level of visual appeal and fashion sense that matches your tastes and personality.


No matter the size, our portable battery chargers and wireless bluetooth speakers deliver impressive power and performance.


Were not focused on creating products that work with only one device but a universal approach that connects everything seamlessly.


While fitting perfectly into your every activity, we give you that peace of mind to get you through those most inconvenient times.


Technology should not be complicated. That’s why every Neptor product is deigned with simplicity in mind which makes it fun to use.